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Why are we ditching the gossip magz

Hair salons around the country are boycotting celebrity gossip magazines in order to “stop fuelling toxic publications” in the wake of Caroline Flack’s suicide.

“After coming in the day after Caroline flacks death and looking at the magazines with such negativity I put them all in the bin” said Jess, owner of Luna hair and beauty. “I feel very passionately about the mental health and wellbeing of my staff and clients and we don’t want that kind of message in here, so we decided to get on board with this and support it.

“As a stylist we are councillors, and I am always here to listen and support my clients in the best possible way as they do for me too! I recognise them as my friends and some best friends as they have supported my business for years. So, I wouldn’t want them coming in picking up a magazine while waiting for their service and read these horrible things that they say about just normal people and think that is what everyone thinks of them! I want them to be reading positive and supportive magz and books which will help them overcome their problems or realise they are beautiful inside and out! So ive now got a few fern cottons books, women’s health mags, cookery books, meditation books and life hack books in them salon and I’ve had so many amazing responses off them.”

Together we can make a difference and inspire people. Mental health is so very important and if we can help people feel better by being surrounded by positive books, mags, vibes then we will make a change.

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